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Meet Scooter

Hello! My name is Scooter. I will be 4 years old on November 18. I have two homes. I live with my Mom and Dad in Apple Valley during the summer. In the winter I get to stay with my big sister Tara (Miss Hatley) while my Dad goes to Florida.
 In the summer, I work at my Dad’s bait shop. My favorite jobs are chasing the geese, greeting the customers, and sleeping in the sun. In the winter, I work at Wilson Middle School. I love spending time with my kids! I have a great big bean bag chair that I love to sleep in. The kids like to pet me, feed me treats, read books to me, and sometimes when they are having a bad day they like to talk to me. I am a great listener! I also like to go to gym class. The kids throw balls for me to chase and I get really tired!
I have been working at Wilson Middle School since I was 4 months old. I am officially the school mascot. I do not bite, attack, or have cat claws, but I proudly wear my tiger stripes. Go Wilson Tigers!!

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