1st Day of School, grades 1-6, 9
Starting 8/21/2018
Event Groups:
• Newark City Schools - District Events
• Newark High School - Newark High School Events
• Heritage Middle School - Heritage Middle School Events
• Liberty Middle School - Liberty Middle School Events
• Wilson Middle School - Wilson Middle School Events
• Ben Franklin Elementary - Ben Franklin Elementary Events
• Carson Elementary - Carson Elementary Events
• Cherry Valley Elementary - Cherry Valley Elementary Events
• Hillview Elementary - Hillview Elementary Events
• John Clem Elementary - John Clem Elementary Events
• Legend Elementary - Legend Elementary Events
• William H. McGuffey Elementary - William H. McGuffey Elementary Events

The first day of school for students in grades 1-6 and 9, as we continue our First Day Experience at the Middle and High Schools. Students in grades 7,8 and 10-12 will begin school on Wed., Aug. 22.
Kindergarten students have screening on the 1st 3 days of school, then phase-in the following 3 days, and the full kindergarten year will begin on Wed., Aug. 29. 
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